No easy street (lolahead) wrote,
No easy street

Re-evaluating Beliefs About Myself

I happened upon a blog a few weeks ago in a moment of contemplation.  I decided to subscribe and recieved an update last weekend via email:

I read it last Saturday and thought about it all week.  Though I have been on a seemingly endless journey seeking enlightnment, and I consider myself a well educated and "wealthy" individual in the sense that I'm not hungry, or unsheltered and I have access to the nicer things in life.  Most Americans are "wealthy" in comparison to much of the rest of the world, so ask me for a loan. ;)  Essentially, I haven't updated certain beliefs in a very long time.  The one that I struggle with the most, is the belief that I'm not good enough (smart enough, pretty enough, motivated enough, THIN enough, etc...the list goes on).  I know it sounds very cliche and almost adolescent, but it's a prevalent belief among many people. I'd say most people have this belief at some point in their lives...and that got me thinking.

So if what I believe about myself moulds who I am, then what's to say that my negative beliefs about myself aren't moulding my body, mind, and spirit?  I think this is where a lot of deep thinkers fall short, in that the deep thinkers are looking outside of themselves for answeres, as I have been incredibly guilty of this.  Even yoga somehow didn't open my eyes to this entirely.  It's all about updating my beliefs about myself.  If I'm on auto-pilot to think that I'm not good enough, then I won't's simple, right?  So if I'm constantly battling my own worst enemy, myself, where is there room for growth?  There really isn't.  I go in circles because I never really break free of those beliefs.  They are deep and they are strong.

Then I read this other article about modern day dieting:

It essentially re-affirmed the fact that I have not re-assesed my beliefs about myself the way that I have battled with myself over my weight for years because I'm never truly happy with it.  I mean, I KNOW that diets don't work because they are hard to maintain...but the reasons that I gain the weight back is because of my beliefs about myself and it doesn't have to continue to be this way.

I mean, I shouldn't complain...I've never been obese.  I've only hovered on the overweight line and I generally sit comfortably on the high end of healthy weight, pushing the maximum density during the holidays.  But I always feel like crap about myself if I gain a pound, then I feel good if I lose, until I get sick of eating lettuce and then I gain again.  This is years of beliefs; decades, centuries, passed down by my mother, and her mother before, and on and on about how a woman should look, behave, and exist.

Anyway, I hope this stirs you to re-evaluate your beliefs and specifically your beliefs about yourself.
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