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Something warm and a triangle break

I don't know a whole lot about Chinese medicine but I do know that the philosophy is warmth=health.  While I agree with this somewhat, I still think humans are adaptable so there's no reason to keep the thermostat above 67 in the winter...hence, we wear layers when we're sitting around.  Anyway, there's nothing quite like a hot beverage to warm the body when chilled.

So, coffee.  It's really a personal preference, but I don't recommend drinking more than 1 cup a day.  I know, I know, Dr. Oz says that having 3+ cups a day can be good...I just disagree.  The caffeine increases heart rate and blood pressure and can add undo stress to the body, especially when we're trying to avoid the avoidable stress during the holidays.  That said, I hate to give up my morning cup of joe, so I'm not saying give it up all together, just cut back.  Have one cup before noon and instead of having the afternoon cup, have herbal tea or warm water with a squeeze of lemon, lime or orange.

So what happens when you hit that afternoon brick wall that says, "Have another cup of coffee" or "eat a sugary carby snack"?  Your answer=Triangle pose or utthita trikonasana.  It's a great way to wake up!  If you don't have space in your office, find a little corner where you can be alone for a minute...that's all you need.  30 seconds per side.

I was going to try to type out how to do it but I'll give you a link.  It's the best way to wake up in the afternoon!
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