No easy street (lolahead) wrote,
No easy street

Sugar Free

So we're getting to the final count down to my sister's wedding where I have to squeeze myself into a dress that's just a smidge too small.  I'm feeling a little puffy and have been feeding my face with cake, pie, candy, bread...etc and have been telling myself I deserve it because I've been training for the Broad Street 10 mile run, and I've been stressed and deparessed, which has just made things worse in the long run.

I've always wanted to try to cut out the bread and sugar but I'm so addicted, it's been REALLY hard.  Yesterday was day 1.  I was tempted by cake in the copy room, candy on EVERYONE'S desk, pie that I made myself over the weekend and vanilla ice cream that we bought to go with the blueberry pie that I made.  I microwaved a banana and put some straight up cinnamon on it after dinner and had that for my dessert.  It's almost a mental thing at this the meal isn't over until I've eaten something sweet.

Yesterday was hard because I felt tired for most of the day.  I couldn't stop yawning and just wanted some candy to give me a little kick.  I feel a little better today and actually notice a difference in my puffy hands and wrists...they have gone down a little and my rings don't feel tight anymore.

Granted, I came off a weekend binge and I also drank wine...a lot of wine...which always makes me puffy so just the lack of alcohol probably helped.

I really feel like there should be a sugar addicts anonymous.  I could use a sponsor....especially because temptation is EVERYWHERE!
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