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The Case Against 8

Sunday was a very lazy day for me.  I was hungover and after going for a long run, in the ungodly sun, at a snail's pace, with my mother, I was ready to sit and rot on the couch for most of the afternoon.  At one point I even considered taking a nap, but failed to fall asleep.  It's so rare for me to actually be lazy, it actually felt kind of weird.

Either way, I happened upon the second half of The Case Against 8, the HBO Documentary about the gay couples who sued California to overturn the ban on gay marriage, which ultimately led to the overturning of DOMA.  I had wanted to see it anyway and was half expecting to turn it off and save it for when I could watch it from the beginning.  Needless to say, I watched it from the middle and I was struck by emotion throughout the whole thing.

I've never, myself, experienced homosexual feelings, but I'm an empathetic person and I can deeply feel the emotions of others.  I have always been accepting of my gay friends, neighbors, etc., and was raised that way as my mother always had gay and lesbian friends for as long as I can remember.

I think what ultimately brought me to tears watching this documentary was the level of hatred these people endured, putting themselves in the spotlight, standing up for their civil rights, for the rights that every other citizen should have.  It was absolutely appalling to see just how many people came out to say that they were wrong, evil, deranged, etc.  I can't believe that we're even still fighting this battle.  I feel like I personally haven't done enough to stand up for gay rights because I was so incredibly blind to their woes.  These are PEOPLE...friends, sons and daughters, parents, employees, members of churches, teachers, and most importantly, they are citizens of the United States!  It's unbelievable to me that I didn't realize what they truly have to endure!

I remember when Duncan and I were going through the immigration process and I was heartsick because there was a chance that the government would say, "sorry, we don't believe you two should be together..."  I was pissed because they had that power to do that, to send him back to the UK for us to try again another way.  It was heartbreaking and nerve racking.  Of course, it didn't happen that way, but there was a chance that it could have and I was appalled at even the sliver of a chance that I wouldn't be able to marry my husband. I should have realized that this is what gay people have to deal with only without as many happy endings.

The end of the documentary (no spoilers here...since you all know what happened if you have any idea what's been happening in the world) had them getting married at the court house.  I couldn't stop crying.  I couldn't imagine going through that.  That boiling up of emotion when you finally get to face your partner of several years and say, "I do" for real, legally, under the eyes of the government.

Now, about Hobby Lobby?  I have faith that most of the women in the US will stand up against this bullshit.  I saw a funny article that was talking about what it would be like if women dictated health care and suddenly decided to end coverage of Viagra... I can't even get started on this.  Why can't straight old white men get over themselves and leave everyone else alone?  And Hobby Lobby can suck it.  I hope they go out of business.
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