No easy street (lolahead) wrote,
No easy street

Take a break

It's difficult for most of us to admit that we work too hard.  And even if we don't work too hard, our idea of a "break" is usually checking Facebook, or getting a cup of coffee.  When was the last time you actually sat still, with your eyes closed, for a solid 5 minutes at work?  Maybe that one time when you were comming down with a cold and you were trying to will yourself well?  Either way, this is something we just don't do at work and I think the culture needs to change.  By law, in the U.S. anyway, if you work more than 5 hours, you are entitled to a 15 minute PAID break every four hours.  So why don't we take these breaks?  This is really supposed to be IN ADDITION to the 30 minute lunch break that we actually don't get paid for.

Well guess what?  It's time to start taking these breaks, even if it's for only 5 minutes.

We don't take cigarette breaks anymore, since most people I know have quit smoking.  We don't NEED that extra cup of coffee, and if you do, that's something you might want to contemplate on a deeper level...but that's beside the point.

I challenge you to take a 5 minute break with your eyes closed in a comfortable seated position.  If it is impossible for you to do this at work because you work on your feet or you don't really have your own space to carry out this challenge in relative peace, you have no excuse.  Most work places have bathrooms with stalls.  Take a nice 5 minute crap break without actually taking a crap.  If you're totally grossed out by this prospect, see if you can find another secluded place where you won't be interrupted.

I find that it helps to have some music to listen to also.  This is also a nice time keeper so you'll be sure to sit for more than just 1 minute.  Get your ear buds, play a song that you absolutely LOVE from beginning to end and really listen to it.

I guarantee after you do this you'll be fresher and ready to face the task at hand.

I personally try to do this twice a day.  Sometimes it's hard to drop what I'm doing, but nine times out of ten, when I come back to it, I notice something that I missed before.
Tags: health and wellness
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