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I think I know how I feel

Had another strange dream last night.  I was back in graduate school but the class was taking place in a house.  It wasn't a house I could determine but it had a living room area with a big window.  It felt like it was dark or cold outside.  Jaime, a friend from my job at Rosemont was definitely there but there were other people there as well.  I ended up going outside somehow and found that my cat, Church had escaped and was hanging out with a full grown male lion.  I walked around to front of the house where I saw them walk, to try to get him away from the lion and found that it wasn't my cat after all but the lion was under the porch with a raccoon.  It wasn't really a porch, but a hole in the earth that made a little cave out of soil and grass.

I finally slept last night.  The eye twitch is gone and I feel much better today.
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