No easy street (lolahead) wrote,
No easy street

Time for bliss

Yogananda said that westerners keep busy all the time and never leave any time for bliss.  I could write about the idea of the "American Dream" and what that means, but I'm not in 10th grade anymore.  Essentially, the idea is if you work really hard to make lots of money, you will find that American dream which ultimately equates to happiness.

In teaching meditation, I find there are often people who have the mentality that they just can't sit still and they can't clear their minds.  While I understand the mentality because I've been there in my own journey, it's a very limiting mentality in general.  It's like giving yourself a handicap.  Even if you tried and failed, why does that mean you can't practice to get better?  I have a hard time with that mentality because my own will is pretty strong and I don't like to give up.  Giving up on meditation is like saying, "I just refuse to be happy".

I feel bad for people who don't understand that their own happiness is in their own control.  It doesn't depend on someone else or something else.  We are raised in this culture to think that if we have enough money or that true love, beauty, respect or attention from other people we will be happy.  This is truth in some ways because we think it to be true.  If we think money or love will make us happy, it will be true...but only for a little while.  This earthly happiness is something that we have all experienced; however, it's not this seeminly unattainable bliss that Yogananda speaks of.

Bliss is the connection to god, to the universe, to your maker, and to yourself.  It's not describable in words.  It doesn't feel like the happiness that comes with money or earthly, conditional love from another person.  It's much deeper, stronger.  We have glimpses of it in our connections with other beings, with the earth itself, and with nature.  This is a good place to start for those nay sayers.  There's a reason being in nature helps people to feel better, whatever that means.  Sunshine, fresh air, a connection to nature, which is god.  But should know that god is you too.  You are nature and bliss is within your realm.  It doesn't mean you have to sit on a pillow and chant, nor does it mean that you have to meditate in any one way or only in one way.  It doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to this.

I usually suggest starting slow and small and if you can't sit still, walk slowly in nature.  If you can't clear your mind (I certainly can't all the time) use your thoughts to guide you, don't get frustrated because you can't stop thinking...we never stop thinking, truly.  This is essentially what a shamanic journey is.  It's finding a meditative state with an intention to seek or question something or to find a focus.  It's focusing the mind on an intention.

I'll get a little more in to the journey process another time.  I hadn't visited this process in many years and have recently come across it again.  It has re-awakened something in me that I forgot about.

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